The men behind the Claws...

Mike "Fatch" Ballerini
    (Guitar and Vocals)
Dermot Erwin
(Guitar and Vocals)
Jeremy Von Epp
(Drums and Vocals)
Wicked Lobstah is a three piece acoustic rock cover band from the Island City of Alameda CA.  They began as friends jamming on the weekends at house parties to quickly evolving into a regularly gigging outfit. 

Each of these guys are very seasoned musicians on their respective instruments which results in a big sound and a lot of fun! The guitarists use acoustic guitars and add cool effects and distortion when needed to faithfully represent different parts of the songs.

Wicked Lobstah will cover just about anything from Lydyrd Skynyrd to Black Sabbath to Pink Floyd to The Eagles and everything in between. They even have their own original arrangements of a few classics we all love and enjoy.

So If you are in Alameda, or the surrounding areas, and happen to come across the Wicked Lobstah jamming at a local pub near you, rest assured, it will be a fun night.

Also.. make sure to check for upcoming SHOWS and come out to see the Wicked Lobstah!